PERI Receives New Funding to Support Risk Management

May 7, 2013 - Debra Darnofall, Chair, Public Entity Risk Institute (PERI), announced that PERI will partner with the Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) to support programming that will benefit governments and nonprofit organizations starting in June 2013. Under this new arrangement, the groups will collaborate to support PRIMA’s mission to advance the knowledge and practice of public risk management.

PERI will continue as an independent organization with a new seven-member Board of Directors. In partnership with PRIMA and organizations representing several stakeholder groups, PERI will seek innovative ideas on the types of products and services and delivery mechanisms needed in the 21st Century. This information and other outreach efforts will be the catalyst for a strategic planning process. PRIMA will provide staff support to the PERI Board of Directors and will manage the programs PERI undertakes in the future.

Chair Darnofall also announced that in March PERI received a new $2.2 million cy pres award as part of the Insurance Brokers Global Settlement. The award is for educational purposes and is to benefit public entities and nonprofits. She said, “PERI is honored to accept this award and the Board of Directors is confident that PERI will deliver significant value to the injured entities with the money.” PERI was originally funded in 1997 by a similar award.

The first meeting of the new PERI Board of Directors will be held in conjunction with the PRIMA Annual Conference on June 5, 2013 in Tampa, FL. Click here for a News Release announcing the PERI-PRIMA collaboration.

The PERI Bookstore has closed. Titles previously sold by PERI are now available from the following sources:

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The PERI Board thanks it constituent groups for their support since the organization's formation in 1997 and looks forward to working with the public risk management community in the future. In the meantime, please continue to enjoy the PERI Resource Library on this website. Click here to go to the Resource Library.